Web Design Miami – Sometimes You Do Get Lucky

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I don’t really remember when I launched this website.  I do know why though.  At the time I had just purchased the coolest car I could afford and I was eager to show it off for the whole world to see. In the past few years, my site, like most websites I suppose) has undergone various web site design iterations, none which pleased me a whole lot.  Which is not surprising really on account that I appointed myself as chief web developer for this project and I don’t know much about web development.

I did shop around for someone to come to my help but I couldn’t find a company I trusted enough to invest over the couple of thousand dollars I was being asked to cough up. So I dragged on.

That was until I was lucky enough to discover a web design Miami agency who agreed to help me out.  I don’t know if they do this for everyone but through their help I was able to get started and finally be able to design something that closely resembles a website. I say this because I needed cheap since this site is still a hobby and took the cheapest option I could find with them. A $99 package which was bare enough to send my  old heart into a palpitating frenzy but sufficient that I was able to get started.

It is not a work of heart, but at $99 what do you expect.  But it does what I want it to do and that’s what counts.

So if you are in need of web design, whether you live and work in Miami or not, I strongly recommend you give these folks a call.

By the way, if you are looking to find out how much a website can cost nowadays, you’ve got to check their Instant Web Design Quote Calculator which is quite honestly one of the coolest toys I have seen online for a while and it helped me a great deal coming up with this beauty.