Rhinoplasy – What’s in a Nose and are you looking for a Florida Rhinoplasy Surgeon

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My friend called me the other day. Not the kind of news breaking story anyone outside my immediate circle of friends would be interested in, but I thought I’d share this with you.

I need a nose job!

That’s the first thing she said when I picked up the phone. My nose is horrible… I need someone to fix it. Do you know a doctor you could recommend to do this for me?

My friends often ask me questions about health because, as a vegan (go figure!) they think that health is a subject that interests me.

They’re right by the way… About the interest.

Still, when the phone went silent, I knew that there was my queue for an answer and the first thing that came to my mind was…

A nose job? Rhinoplasty surgery can be really painful you know.

After all, not only am I a vegan (so what) but as a woman (yeah, so…), I definitely know what rhinoplasty means. And what it entails… Must be something in a woman’s dna. You see, there are things that we women simply know… End of. And I know enough about it to know that to go under the knife of a Florida Rhinoplasty Surgeon can be really painful… And not just a Florida Plastic Surgeon by the way. This particular award can be applied to any surgeon involved in rhinoplasty surgery.

How painful? Was her next question?

Bone crushing painful was my instinctive response. After all, if a nose needs fixing, given that on that particular part of a woman’s body at least, fat cannot be the culprit, then the next logical thing is to assume that attention will need to be given to the nose structure… It may need… oh… what shall I say… It may need a few adequately administered hammer blow (literally) on the targeted area with the sole purpose of breaking and then re-arranging the bone structure.

Feeling really good about the nature of my answers to my friend, I was running a long list of things to add in my head but before I could move on to the next step, she asked me if it was an expensive procedure.

How much does it cost? Repeating her latest quesion, with more than a hint of disappointment in my voice. Oh I don’t know, probably in the thousands.

Oh thanks came the answer, and just like that she was gone…

Oh vanity, when you do hold us!